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Which site should you use when you just want to chat with women

Some of us aren’t looking to date, maybe because we’re in a relationship, or maybe because we’re not interested in any long term commitment. That’s okay, and thanks to the internet they are plenty of sites you can use to chat (and more) with women.

Sometimes just for companionship with no strings attached, sometimes just to have some fun without the risk of having an affair.

What are cam sites and how can I chat with women online?

Over the last few years, thanks to faster broadband we’ve moved from slow text chat to audio, to low quality live video and we are now able to chat in high definition video on live cams.

They are many cam sites online, but you should be careful as some are downright scams, the most famous one being where an exceptionally hot lady asks you to ‘verify’ your profile. Yeah, smells fishy, and it’s just a con to get you to put your credit card on a dodgy site. Loss of money guaranteed.

We’ve been around for years and we’ve seen cam sites come and go, only a few are worthy of your attention (and hard-earned cash).

Webcam sites come in many shapes, and enable you to chat with women, guys, trans and cater to each and every niche interest you can think (fetish, BBW, etc)

chat with women

What are the best cam sites?

If you are looking for some of the best cam sites online, with a selection from the cheapest to the high end we highly recommend you check out it has a top 5 selection of “hand-selected” cam sites. They also review the top gay cam sites, best trans cam sites, whatever you want, they’ve got it!


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