What is ?

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The site is ideal for singles in the USA and Norway looking to connect with some of the hottest singles available on any dating site we’ve ever reviewed. review review


Who can I find on is a global dating platform, with singles from all over, the site aims and finds success at connecting people the world over. It is not so much about cold matchmaking algorithms and more about making connections.

This approach is what has made it one of the biggest dating sites around.


How can I join

Joining is straightforward and very easy, just follow the link below to signup for free:

Click here to join DATING.COM

The site’s motto is “are you ready to take a chance?” and we definitely think you should.

The signup process will ask you your gender, male or female; and what gender you are looking to meet, again the options will be male or female.

You’ll then be asked within what age range you’d like to find that special person.

You can then signup directly or, and only if you want you can use your Google, Gmail account profile to signup.

You’ll receive an email, click to confirm your account and you’ll then be free to browse the thousands of profiles online.

Don’t hesitate to add to your list of dating sites to try.



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