Unicorn Dating

First question is what is a unicorn? In our case it isn’t a horse with a single horn on its head, the one children like, nor is it a specialty coffee from an expensive chain.

No, a unicorn is a single woman looking to have fun with a couple.

Couples looking for single women for threesome can be known as unicorn hunters.

It’s basically a variation on a theme for no strings attached fun. Less threatening for a man who isn’t into foursomes, or into being a cuckold.

Lets face it, most men fancy the idea of a threesome with two women.

Do you want to find a single woman to have fun with your couple?

Or maybe you’re a single lady looking for some kinky adventures?

Then you should https://3threesomes.com/unicorns

Its the top site for couples looking for unicorns and vice versa!

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