open relationship

Looking for an open relationship?

If you are looking for an open relationship dating app or website you have found the right place.

An open relationship is when a couple decides to be nonexclusive and have more than one partner.

This is done in a consensual, open way and is the opposite of extramarital affairs which are usually conducted in complete secrecy. So now you know what an open relationship means.

Open relationships are agreed upon by both parties of a couple. We’re not talking about threesomes but of relationships that are non-exclusive and last longer than just a one night stand.

open relationship
open relationship


Why is a top site for open relationships

Let’s face it, you cant go on match and ask around if people online are interested in opening up their relationships.

At best they will give you the cold shoulder. At worst you’ll get thrown off the site.

The best way is to join a website fully dedicated to non-monogamous open relationships.

There is only one we can fully recommend:


How do I join

Just click on the link below to join the site for free:


You will be asked:

  • Your gender
  • Which gender you are looking for
  • Your date of birth
  • and finally your email (use one you can access to confirm your account)

It is as simple as that. You can then fill in your profile and get ready to meet singles and couples who are also looking for open relationships.

We fully recommend this website.



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