Unicorn Dating site

The first question is what is a unicorn?

In our case it isn’t a horse with a single horn on its head, the one children like, nor is it a specialty coffee from an expensive chain.

No, a unicorn is a single woman looking to have fun with a couple, we’re talking adult fun right, not board games.

Rudy Guilani’s daughter, Caroline Giulani has even strongly recommended it in Vanity Fair

Couples looking for single women for a threesome are unicorn hunters.

It’s basically a variation on a theme for no strings attached fun. Less threatening for a man who isn’t into foursomes, or into being a cuckold.

Let’s face it, most men fancy the idea of a threesome with two women. Just for a change, or to watch them having fun together and join.

Finding a unicorn can be difficult, hence the nickname ‘unicorn’ as in the mythical creature, turns out it isn’t as difficult as it seems when you know where to look. Many lesbians or bisexual women have complained that they are being hit up by either the guy’s girlfriend or wife who’s not being upfront that she is looking to have a threesome, not cool. That’s why you should only use a unicorn dating site that will connect you with single women who are really ready to be a unicorn.

is there such a site, of course, there is.

Do you want to find a single woman to have fun with your couple?

Or maybe you’re a single lady looking for some kinky adventures?

Then you should signup at unicorn-dates.com 

It is one of the top unicorn dating site.

It is the top site for couples looking for unicorns and vice versa!

unicorn dating site

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